Through approving your project with His and Her Home Improvements, you accept, agree and are bound to the following terms, conditions and disclaimers.


How to Care for your doors and furniture

Except table tops and counter tops, all pieces produced by His and Her Home Improvements do not require waxing, oiling or any specific maintenance. When needed, the item can be dusted or wiped with a soft cloth that has a small amount for water. The use of furniture polish or oil will cause an irregular film over the surface. When dealing with stubborn stains, test products on a small, less visible section prior to tackling the stain.

Table tops and counter tops are finished with a wax which can be easily refinished over time. Occasionally, you can clean with a product like this to help with keeping the surface looking rich and beautiful.


Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent disparities in colour and grain pattern. Because of variations caused by nature, over which His and Her Home Improvements cannot control, His and Her Home Improvements does it’s best to match the finish samples and grain examples provided. His and Her Home Improvements does not guarantee an exact match to the sample provided due to the natural variation of wood. Samples of grain pattern and colour are matched to the best of our ability. Due to the natural variation of wood, each piece will have a variation in how it accepts the finishing process.

Polyurethane, lacquer or liquid wax is applied to the wood surfaces as a protective coat. Variations will occur in colour, character, tone and grain from product to product. Slight variations between samples and finished goods should be anticipated. These variations will be be accepted by His and Her Home Improvements as a reason to return an order.


All wood products will absorb and release moisture for a lifetime. The doors and furniture are built by His and Her Home Improvements to structurally endure expansion and contraction relating to seasonal moisture changes. To avoid cracks and splits in wood panels, keep the indoor humidity levels between 35% and 45%. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight from windows, or near other heat sources such as stoves or radiators. Never store your item(s) in an attic, basement, garage or other damp area. Touch ups to stain and finish can be made by His and Her Home Improvements at our discretion


​A 50% deposit is required for all orders. An order will not be added into the queue or started until the deposit has been received. All lead times are estimated and based on time from receipt of deposit. Deposits are non-refundable if the order is cancelled after material is purchased or production begins. If a cancellation request is received before production has started on an item, a refund can be issued at the discretion of His and Her Home Improvements. His and Her Home Improvements may charge material costs, labour and design/consultation against a deposit for an accepted job.
The order balance is due upon completion and required at the time of pick-up, delivery or installation.


All His and Her Home Improvements custom pieces are non-returnable. Delivered orders may not be returned for any reason whatsoever, except when repair or replacement is indicated and approved by His and Her Home Improvements.


All merchandise is carefully inspected prior to shipment, pickup or installation. All claims, including defects, shortages and/or errors must be made in writing with accompanying photographs within 5 days after receipt of item. Failure to make such a claim shall constitute full acceptance of the merchandise and waiver of all defects, shortages and/or errors ascertainable under inspection. Customers should carefully inspect all items at the time of delivery and note any obvious damage or shortcomings.


If the customer cannot accept delivery within the agreed timeline or if payment is not made within 30 days from the date of invoice, His and Her Home Improvements reserves the right to transfer the goods to storage. Any fees related to the transfer to storage will be at the customer’s expense to a maximum of the amount collected from the customer by His and Her Home Improvements.


His and Her Home Improvements is not responsible for any health or safety concerns  or incidences once the buyer has received their product. If any harm is incurred from the items purchased by the customer, His and Her Home Improvements shares no responsibility.