Jeremy Giesinger

His & Her Home was established in 2015 by Jeremy & Jill Giesinger. What started out as home-based, garage building in the wee hours of the night has evolved to multiple employees in a beautiful wood shop.

You know the saying, “when you purchase from a small business, a real person does a happy dance”? Know that when you support His & Her Home, you are putting food on the tables of multiple families.

We appreciate you!


About Jeremey

Overall it was a pretty pleasant experience. And I must say, asa business owner I respect and expect great customer support. Your team has shown excellent skills. I loved the wood, and my projects look great!

Michael Corelli

I enjoyed your standard selections very much! The consultants were extremely helpful and professional. And the material is premium quality. Thanks for fast delivery! Now I can be sure that my house is complete in time.

Emily Clarks

Thank you for your premium custom service. I appreciate your time and effort with delivering my multiple orders. Cheers!

Brian Smith
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